Windsurfing at Kuta

Kiteboarding and Windsurfing

If you want to kite or windsurf in a beautiful, remote location, both safe and difficult waves, on a range of different breaks, then Sanctuary in Lombok is ideal. Kite surfing has become very popular in eastern Indonesia because of the reliable south-east trades which are suitable virtually every day during the dry season. There are kilometers of nearby reefs just south of the Resort which have been highly praised by our kiting and windsurfing visitors. This zone has the required combination of alongshore winds over broad lagoons with offshore surf breaks for the bold. The broad gaps (passages) in the reef are ideal for escaping offshore to ride back over the reef crest through the surf back into the lagoon. The wide sandy beaches are ideal for launching. Our transport will take you there, wait and bring you back at a charge of IDR 150,000 per person, per trip (there and back). We provide drinks and boxed lunch if you want to stay all day as part of your Package where all food is included.

Kuta Beach has an amazing broad bombie that is perfectly lined up for the wave-riding kitesurfers. After breaking, the waves go back into deep water making it an exceptional place. For the flat water speed riders, the Bay is broad and there are many great destinations.

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